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Imagine following a winding path and then stumbling upon a hidden gem in Rhenen - Bed & Breakfast Wedding Breast. Nestled among the greenery and on the edge of the Rhine, this B&B is an oasis of peace waiting to be discovered.

Cuneralaan 69
3911AB Rhenen
Telephone number: 0653636034


About the accommodation

The text below is automatically translated from another language using Google Translate. The translation may not be entirely accurate.

Is this the right way?
When you walk along the rippling Rhine, you might think: am I walking well here? The beauty of the surroundings is almost overwhelming to the eye. At the end of the path, when you turn left, you will see the golden letters glittering in the light: 'Bed & Breakfast Trouwborst'. Just as elegant as the name is written, the beautiful white villa that stands in front of you is just as breathtaking. As you walk up the driveway you see a fountain that sparkles in the light.
This beautiful villa is more than you would expect. Upon arrival, we are greeted by a hallway lined with radiant marble tiles, exuding a clean, luxurious atmosphere. If we turn right, we end up in the cozy guesthouse or breakfast restaurant, complete with terrace and an enchanting view of the Rhine. Every now and then a boat quietly glides past. It's time to have a nice chat with Marjon, while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.

Welcome to my B&B
Marjon, mother of four sons and proud grandmother, has been a passionate entrepreneur for years. She says: "When our boys took over the family business, I decided to start a new chapter in my life by starting my own B&B. The timing may not have been ideal - It was in the middle of the pandemic - I took this time as an opportunity. I put my energy into refining details in the guesthouses."
Marjon continues her story: "We now have ten guesthouses to choose from. Two of them are equipped with cooking facilities, convenient for those who want to prepare their own meals. Our guests don't have to worry about breakfast. Every morning I serve a fresh breakfast in our breakfast room. I ensure a good start to the day."
The B&B is an excellent place to stay and explore the area around you. There is a cycling and walking path at the bottom of the Villa. This way you can reach Wageningen within a few kilometers. It is a paradise for walkers and cyclists of all ages. 'Our B&B is popular among older people, but don't let that stop you if you have a young family. There is so much to do and discover here. We are also dog friendly! So if you're going on holiday with your four-legged friend, we have two rooms where your dog is welcome – one dog per room, to keep it comfortable for everyone.'
When you stand in the garden, it seems like you are in a Mediterranean country with the white villa in the background. A tropical garden with winding streams and ponds full of majestic carp glistening under the sun. There are butterflies frolicking and frogs splashing in the water. The lookout tower invites you to climb and admire the beautiful landscape around you. This garden has so much to offer and experience that every day offers a new adventure. 'Although small children must always be closely supervised, we have a fantastic playground that is sure to delight the little ones. And when evening falls, there is nothing more romantic than relaxing on a bench by the water."
Put on your hiking boots and go
Rhenen is a place where the stories never end. Just a stone's throw away is De Grebbeberg, a historic site that witnessed the intense Battle of Grebbeberg in 1940. Plan a tour and delve into the fascinating history hidden in every corner. But there's more. From here you can easily visit Soestdijk Palace and Groeneveld Castle, or perhaps you're in the mood for a visit to Slot Zeist. The Utrechtse Heuvelrug is also a beautiful place to explore. This is a walker's and cyclist's paradise, with numerous routes taking you through breathtaking landscapes. There is so much to discover that you don't know where to start. But don't worry, I'm always ready to help you find your way and discover the hidden gems of this beautiful region."
Maybe you also want to do nothing at all for a day and just laze around with a good book. Or maybe a refreshing dip in the pool sounds like music to your ears. Or do you want to challenge yourself in the fitness room? "Our fitness room is open during the day. Swimming in our swimming pool is also possible. As you can see, we have something for everyone. It doesn't matter whether you want to be active or just relax, we have the perfect place for you.'

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